Handbag as defined by A WOMAN: A carrying case generally made of leather, supported by a strap or handle, used by women to stuff in varied items meaning the world to them. Also, considered as an integral part which completes their look…

I am sure you all will agree that a women bag is a place where she can find a quick fix to all her troubles. You will be astonished to see the amount of thing she carries effortlessly for her survival throughout the day.

Now it’s a well-known rule and a fact that it’s a sin for anybody to enter into a ladies handbag because we have all our secrets and personal things inside. As we all know girls are obsessed with her bag so here are few must have in my bag:

  • PHONE: No one can function without a phone, it’s a very important part of everyone’s life.
  • SHADES: Very important, of course it protect eyes from sun that is an obvious thing but sometimes when I am sleep-deprive and looking very bad and want to hide all that I just wear my shades and I am good to go.
  • PEPPER SPRAY: This is a must-must have. Carrying a pepper spray will always give you confidence to face any threat and keep you safe from all harm.
  • BATTERY PACK: It’s a life savior as now days phones do not have a good battery life and thus drain very fast.
  • WET WIPES: As it’s quite humid so it’s good to have wipes handy for your face as well as when your hands gets dirty to clean them.
  • WALLET: It’s a must have as you carry all your credit cards, debit cards, identity proof ,passport size photographs and obviously money in it without which you can’t function.
  • SUNBLOCK: To protect your skin from tanning and getting dark spots due to harmful UV rays its necessary to use at least 4-5 times every day.
  • LIP-BALM: To keep your lips hydrated and avoid that chapped lips which you don’t want it and if you use lip balm with a stain of lipstick on your lips it act as a lip tint of your own.
  • LIPSTICK: Carry a bright color so that you are ready for any occasion instantly as they are buildable.
  • COMPACT: As you don’t want your makeup to melt so for touch-ups throughout the day it’s a must have.
  • MOUTH FRESHENER: For me bad breath is a biggest turnoff, so that if I hate people with bad breath then I must also not have. Breath should always be nice and fresh.
  • PERFUME: I can’t be smelling bad, and you know what if you want to get noticed, carrying a pleasant smell is the key.
  • HAIR BRUSH: No women leaves her hair brush at home, it’s her best friend.
  • BOBBY PINS AND SCRUNCHIES: Sometimes when it’s humid outside, summer being around, these come to your rescue when you just want to keep your hair off your face or tie them off.
  • SANITARY NAPKINS: Not only would these be helpful in an emergency, you can also give to someone who needs it.
  • PEN: You should carry a pen because you might need it anytime anywhere so have your own.

So sneak peek in someone’s bag is something very personal, we keep all our essentials and everything that we constantly need and the things we can’t do without and those are the things that go with us in our bag. One last advice from my side:


Author: Nupur Kothana


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