YES YOU READ IT RIGHT!!!!! You are beautiful only if you believe it. A new study has found that 94% of teenage girls in America have been shamed because of the way their body looks. So what basically BODY SHAMING is?

It is a social issue that cannot be appreciated. Its the action of humiliating someone by making fun about their body shape. And it is found mainly in young adults as in comparison to male, female face more body shaming issue. Thus its not a new phenomenon for women.

Body shaming hurts and it wounds deeply. Women face anxiety often result from sense of rejection which might be intentional or unintentional sometimes by their own family and friends.

Now a days many social media has taken body shaming to a new level. Thus many companies and celebrities are working to change the acceptable standards of female body. Many bollywood actresses like Huma Qureshi, Vidhya Balan, Lisa Ray and many more besides being actress they too face it.

There are many ways by which people constantly offer tips about how to lose weight in days, appear slimmer instantly and hide our imperfection. If you immediately take someone’s shaming words to your heart you might end up being too hurt.

We women are very strong to handle all these stuff which do not matter. It’s all about self perception. When someone tells you to how to lose weight so get motivated not to look perfect only to have less health issues and to make your inner self healthy and happy

I think many of us would say that we also struggle with body image so it basically starts with ourselves. So love yourself first, Stop comparing yourself to others and just because she’s beautiful it doesn’t mean you aren’t as every women is beautiful and no one dam on these earth has right to judge your beauty. To leave you with some food for the thought ponder upon this famous quote:

“When you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn’t define her, it defines you.”

Its just if you make your inner self happy that happiness will add glitters in your eyes which is like cherry on the cake.

Author: Nupur kothana


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