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I believe that all women are pretty without makeup, and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup. So what basically is the right makeup? It’s doing makeup with proper technique, using good products and off course the amount of products as you know less is more. People believe in myth that makeup is basically… Continue reading BE A MAKEUP CHIC

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ZUMBA! ZUMBA! We all are tired of hearing this name as it’s very very common now a day. And out of 10 people at least 7 go for zumba fitness program no wonder why as it plays a major role in the weight loss journey of many of them so now why not you be… Continue reading PARTY YOURSELF INTO SHAPE

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It was lunch time in the office. Many young people rushed to the canteen, the seniors usually had their tiffin packed from home, so gathered in the pantry for small talks while having lunch. Aarush also went to pantry but only to use the microwave. He preferred having his lunch alone in his cabin. A… Continue reading Happiness